As an elite SAFIN PATI FOOTBALL ACADEMY institute dedicated to developing young athletes to their full potential, our facilities rise above standard expectations to offer the very best for the purpose of comprehensive football training.

They encompass the whole spectrum including sports specific training, physiology, physiotherapy, nutrition, boarding and sports psychology.

Every aspect of the institution has been designed to meet the highest international standards in terms of its facilities, equipment, teachers, coaches, staff and student-athletes. The following is a glance at the facilities and services available at SAFIN PATI Football Academy

THE SAFIN PATI FOOTBALL ACADEMY has 5 football field, 1 synthetic 4 natural grass,  and sand field, swimming pool , gymnastic

Sports Science facilities and labs throughout the Academy.

A state-of-the-art school teaching environment featuring lecture halls, classrooms, science laboratories, a library, an amphitheater, dormitories, a medical centre as well as numerous recreational facilities.

The Academy has grown out of the village landscape and now stands proud as a must-see destination for visitors of PATI. SPFA lives to help athletes – elite and recreational – push their boundaries and reach their maximum potential within its state of the art facilities and dynamic sports programmes.

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